Easter Pregnancy Announcement: Have Your Loved Ones Hopping With Joy!


Looking for a fun and creative way to share your big news? Well, it’s Easter time, and what better occasion to make an Easter pregnancy announcement? 

Embrace the spirit of new beginnings and spread joy with a clever and festive reveal. We’ve got all sorts of ideas to make your announcement eggs-tra special!

How to Announce Pregnancy on Easter

Here are some cute easter pregnancy announcement ideas, whether it’s your first child or you’re adding to the crew! 

Bunny-Themed Announcement

You can dress up in bunny ears, wear a shirt with a bunny design, or use a stuffed bunny as a prop in your pregnancy announcement photo or video. 

Add a message like “Our little bunny is on the way!” to make it extra cute and festive.

“Hoppy Easter! Our little bunny is on the way!” 

Extra Bunny Ears

Searching for photo pregnancy announcement ideas for Easter? Take a shot of you and your partner wearing bunny ears while holding baby-sized bunny ears toward the camera. Write a caption like “a little bunny is on their way.”

A New Peep

“Adding another peep to our family!”

Egg-citing Eggs

Another fun way to incorporate Easter into your Easter pregnancy announcement is using colorful eggs. You can write “Baby” or “Coming Soon” on the eggs and decorate them with patterns and stickers.

You can display them in a basket or take a picture to share on social media.

Easter Pregnancy Reveal: Digital

Easter-Themed Photoshoot

A themed photoshoot can capture the joy and excitement of your sweet Easter pregnancy announcement. To create a festive atmosphere, you can set up a backdrop with pastel colors and props like bunnies, eggs, and flowers (yellow daffodils would be perfect!). 

Use an Easter-themed background, such as a basket of colorful Easter eggs or a bunny rabbit, to make a social media announcement. You could add a caption like “We have a little eggstra special surprise this Easter!”

Create a photo collage featuring your ultrasound pictures, baby clothes or toys with Easter props like bunnies, eggs, and baskets.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Activities

Easter Egg Hunt

An egg hunt is one of the most classic Easter activities, which can be easily turned into a creative Easter pregnancy announcement. 

Egg HuntIdea #1: Hide plastic eggs with clues leading to the final egg containing your pregnancy announcement. 

Egg Hunt Idea #2: You only need a marker and a pack of chocolate eggs to pull off this simple Easter pregnancy announcement. Wanna pump up the fun? Hide the chocolates and ask your family and friends to figure out the secret message!

Egg Hunt Idea #3: Create a scavenger hunt where the first egg might contain a clue that leads to the next egg, and so on until the final egg is found. You can customize the clues and final message to make it personal and unique to your pregnancy journey. This type of announcement is perfect for close family members or friends who are in on the egg hunt.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Gifts

Egg Box

Give your loved ones an Easter egg in a box with a special message. This egg pregnancy announcement is truly unique!

Easter Pregnancy Announcement - Easter Baby- Easter Grandparent - Spring Baby -Pregnancy Reveal- Gender Reveal - Easter Egg Pregnancy

Scratch-Off Cards

Once your family discovers the secret message, they will be delighted. If you’re hosting an Easter brunch, set them on top of the plates for your guests to discover as they sit down to eat.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Scratch-Off Cards, Easter Pregnancy Announcement

DIY Easter Pregnancy Announcement Easter Scratch Cards

Get creative and make your own announcement scratch cards. You only need a few supplies:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Clear tape
  • Dish soap
  • Paint

You can draw your card or design it online and print it out. First, write a phrase on top like, “This Easter is egg-stra special! Scratch to find out why.” Create an egg-shape scratching area. Inside it, write your announcement like, “I’m pregnant.” Cover the scratching area with tape. Then, paint over the tape with a mixture of dark paint and dish soap. Let it dry. 

Baby Bodysuits

Look at these absolutely perfect Easter pregnancy announcement baby onesies! Take a photo, add a caption from the list below, and announce your pregnancy!

The minimalist design is perfect, and the bunny bums are too cute for words. It’s the perfect way to share your exciting news with loved ones in a fun and adorable way. 

Easter Basket Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

A personalized Easter basket filled with baby items like a onesie or pacifier can make a sweet and thoughtful pregnancy announcement. You can include a note announcing your pregnancy and present it to your partner, parents, or close friend who will be a significant part of your baby’s life.

This could also work to share the big news with future grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Why not make an Easter-themed gift basket explaining that the little ones in your family will be promoted? A photo of them seeing the basket for the first time will be adorable!

It’s also a great way to help young children feel included in all the action and prepare for the changes ahead.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Siblings

When you make it about the big sister or brother, you’ve got an Easter pregnancy announcement they’ll remember forever! They can tell the story to their new sibling as the baby grows up. Take a photo of them in bunny ears or a photo holding a letter board with a fun saying about the big news.

“Somebunny is going to be a big sister!”

(Speaking of big siblings, we have a great round-up of Toddler Easter Basket Ideas)

Easter Pregnancy Announcement With Dog

Pet-Inspired Announcement

Incorporating your furry friend into your announcement can be a cute and playful way to announce your pregnancy. You can dress them up in bunny ears or other Easter-themed outfits and include them in a photo or video.

Funny Easter Pregnancy Announcements

Painted Baby Bump

A painted baby bump is a fun and creative way to make an Easter-themed pregnancy announcement. You can paint your baby bump to look like an Easter egg or decorate it with Easter-themed stickers to make a fun and festive announcement. Take a photo and post it on social media!

Silly T-shirts

Complimentary (and silly) Easter pregnancy T-shirts are always fun. And if this isn’t your first bundle of love, consider getting announcement tees for your older kiddos, too. A family photo of the whole family and their t-shirts will make such a great memory.

easter pregnancy announcement couples t-shirt that says somebunny is on the way
Easter Pregnancy Announcement Shirt, Easter Baby Announcement, Expecting Mom Shirt, Mama To Be Shirt

Chocolate Bunny Family

Another sweet but simple idea.

Two chocolate bunnies and a chocolate egg.


Easter Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Now that you’ve chosen an Easter pregnancy announcement idea, you might wonder what to say or how to caption your Instagram post. Here are some excellent (eggcellent?!) options to go with a cute photo:

  1. We’re egg-specting!
  2. Baby hatching soon!
  3. Baby bunny coming soon.
  4. Looks like we won the Easter egg hunt
  5. We have egg-citing news
  6. The Easter bunny really delivered this year!
  7. Some-bunny special is on the way
  8. Mama bunny
  9. They’re egg-cited. I’m egg-specting
  10. One extra egg in our basket
  11. Happy Easter! Also, I’m pregnant.
  12. We’re pr-egg-nant!
  13. Baby’s first Easter (next year)
  14. Bump’s first Easter
  15. My Easter egg was fertilized
  16. Special delivery from the Easter bunny
  17. So egg-cited to meet you!
  18. Don’t think this egg will fit in the basket…
  19. New peep in the family
  20. My Easter egg is getting bigger…
  21. Our nest is blessed
  22. An Easter surprise!
  23. Spring is in the air, and we have big news to share…
  24. Another lamb in our flock
  25. Guess what’s hatching?
  26. “Hippity, hoppity, there’s a bun in the oven, and it’s not chocolate!”
  27. “Our Easter basket is getting a little fuller this year! Baby due [due date].”
  28. “We’re egg-cited to announce that our family is growing!”
  29. “Hoppy Easter! Our family is blooming with a new addition coming soon.”
  30. “There’s an eggstra special surprise on the way – we’re expecting!”
  31. “Easter is all about new beginnings, and we couldn’t be happier to announce our newest beginning arriving soon.”
  32. “Easter just got a whole lot sweeter! Baby [last name] arriving soon.”
  33. “Spring is in the air, and so is baby fever! We’re expecting a little one.”
  34. “Our Easter celebration just got an upgrade – we’re adding a new member to our family!”
  35. “The Easter bunny brought us the best gift of all – a new baby on the way!”

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Yay, now you have a ton of great ideas and inspiration to choose from for your Easter pregnancy reveal! And the best part? You can mix and match them however you like to create something unique.

Spring pregnancy announcements are so sweet, aren’t they?

Don’t forget, we also have loads of other pregnancy announcement idea posts to inspire you as you share your pregnancy news! (Maybe Mother’s Day!?)

(p.s. Easter pregnancy announcements mean fall babies! Check out our Quotes and Captions for Baby’s First Christmas!)

Supplies You Might Need for Your Easter Pregnancy Announcement

Announcing your pregnancy will be easier if you gather the materials ahead of time:

  • Letterboard
  • Chalkboard sign
  • Baby booties
  • Bunny ears
  • Egg timer