Best Baby Names That Mean Green for Boys and Girls

names that mean green

Names that mean green remind us of nature, being outside, being eco-friendly, and natural living. It’s no wonder that names meaning green have risen in popularity as we become more concerned about nature and keeping the planet healthy. 

cute names that mean green

Green can also symbolize good luck, fertility, health and positive energy.

Maybe you love the color green!

Whatever your reason for looking at names that mean green, this list will provide you with some beautiful baby name options for both boys and girls. 

Boy Names Meaning Green

From Pine to Denver and more, these boy names that mean green are unique and masculine. Explore our list of green names and their meanings to find an awesome name for your baby boy.  

Aaranay: An appealing boy name hailing from India. It means ‘wild forest’ and signifies fertility, abundance, and greenery.

Akhdar: Baby boy name of Arabic origin that means ‘green.’

Al-khidr: A popular boy’s name in the Islamic religion. It means ‘The green one’ in Arabic.

Berilo: Berilo is a boy’s name of Spanish origin. It means ‘pale green gemstone.’

Celadon: A rare boy’s name of Chinese ancestry. Celadon is also known as ‘green ware’ and is a soft greyish-green color.

Cherlyn: A boy’s name or gender-neutral name of Greek origin. Meanings for this name include ‘free man,’ ‘cherry fruit,’ and ‘green gemstone.’

Denver: An appealing unisex name of French origin and Old English origin. Denver means ‘green valley.’

Dhrupal: Dhrupal is of Indian origin and means ‘prosperity with greenness’ and ‘an area full of greenery.’

Harial: Harial is of Indian, Sanskrit origin. This baby boy has several meanings, such as ‘green colored’ and ‘the common green pigeon.’

Irving: A solid boy name of Scottish and English heritage meaning ‘green water or river.’

Khidr: A handsome baby boy, name hailing from Arabic origins. Mainly popular in the Islamic religion, this name means ‘green one’ or ‘verdant one.’

Khizar: An Arabic boy’s name and a legendary prophet in the Islamic religion. It means ‘moist’ and ‘green.’

Liko: A Hawaiin boy’s name associated with green. It means ‘leaf bud.’

Oleander:  The name Oleander originated from the Hebrew language. It signifies an individual who has bluish-green eyes.

Oran: A lovely baby boy name of Irish origin. It’s the anglicized version of Odhran. They both mean ‘little green one.’

Orna: Orna is of Hebrew and Spanish origin and is a beautiful name meaning include ‘pine tree’ and ‘pale green.’ 

 Pine:  A cool unisex name inspired by Middle English pine and Old French pine. Pine is a name for someone who lived in a pine forest or by a pine tree.

Phyllon: The male version of Phyllis. It is a name of Greek origin meaning, and it means ‘leaf.’

Verdell:  A rare unisex name with different origins, including a French name and a Latin name. It means ‘green and growing.’

Yashem: Yashem is a lovely Pakistani boy name of Arabic origin. It means ‘A green leaf.’

Girl Names Meaning Green

From Esme to Eden to Jade and more, these girl names that mean the color green are unique and beautiful. Explore our list of names and their meanings to find an amazing name for your baby girl. 

Aneeza: A lovely girl name with Arabic origin. Its meanings are ‘happiness’ and ‘green valleys.’

Beryl: A popular Greek name for girls meaning ‘light green semiprecious gemstone.’

Binda:  A name of Australian Aboriginal origin meaning ‘a green place’.

Blerina: Blerina is an adorable green girl name from a Swiss lineage. It means ‘fresh greenness.’

Blerta: Blerta is an Albanian green name meaning ‘green’ or ‘blossom.’

Charelle: A pretty girl’s name from the United States. It means “green gemstone’ and ‘cherry fruit.’ It is popular in the Christian religion.

Chloe: Chloe has several meanings. According to Greek mythology, Chloe is an alternative name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility. Demeter, a Greek goddess, was called Chloe in the spring because of her new growth.

Clora:  A name of American heritage with several meanings, including ‘fresh and green’ and ‘goddess of flowers.’

Cloris: Cloris is a Greek origin name meaning pale color green. Alternative spellings are Chloris and Chlorys.

Cyan: A unique gender-neutral name of English ancestry meaning greenish-blue color.

Eden: Eden is the name of the most well-known garden in the Bible. The name Eden inspires us to think of dark green foliage and many flowers.

Eileen: Eileen is a Scottish-origin girl’s name with several spelling options. With Scottish roots, Eileen means “from the green meadow.” Spelling variations include Ileen, Aileen, Ilene, and Alene.

Emerald: It has different origins, including English and Persian. It is a precious baby girl’s name with meanings like ‘green gemstone’ and ‘green.’

Esmeralda: A beautiful name for girls meaning ‘Emerald.’ Named for the prized green emerald gemstone. It is of Spanish origin.

Esmeralda: Esmeralda is of Spanish/Portuguese origin. In Spanish, the name means Emerald, a green stone. Nicknames for Esmeraldas include Esme and Emerald.

Giada:  An attractive Italian name for girls, it means ‘Jade.’

Fern: It’s derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, Fearn. This unisex name of Old English origin means a green plant that loves shade.

Greenlee: A cool name of English origin. Its meanings are ‘from the green field’ and ‘green clearing.’ Greenlee makes a cute girl’s name meaning ‘green clearing.’ Greenlee could also be divided into two sepearet names for a unique combination -Green Lee.

Hadassah: A beautiful girl name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘myrtle tree.’

Harita: An adorable girl name with Indian roots meaning ‘green.’

Hazel: Hazel is a unique eye color – sort of green, sort of blue and sort of brown. The eyes aren’t quite green, but they are close.

 Holly: Holly is a popular Christmas green plant. The holly and its berries are used as Christmas decorations worldwide.

Irati: A lovely girl name hailing from Spain. It means ‘fern field.’

Ivy: Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant. It is such a cute girls name choice for girls who grow like the plant – hearty and won’t be stopped. An excellent first and middle name combination for a girl name Ivy is Ivyanne or Ivy Anne.

Jade: A name of Spanish origin with several meanings, including ‘precious green stone’ and ‘stone of the side.’ The Jade stone signifies clarity, courage, justice, modesty and wisdom to anyone that carries it. 

Jaida: A unique girl name of English ancestry. It means ‘precious stone’ and ‘gemstone.’ The alternate spelling is Jayda. 

Juniper: Juniper is the same name as a dark, evergreen plant. Like Ivy, Juniper can survive through good and bad weather. Juniper can be shortened to June or Junie. 

Khadra: Its primary origin is Urdu and it is popular in the Islamic religion. It means ‘green’ or ‘verdant.’

Kirrily: A unique green-related Austrailian girl’s name. It is of Aboriginal, Maori lineage and means ‘tree bark’ or ‘leaf.’

Luntian: A unique name for girls with Filippino roots. It means ‘green.’

Makala: A lovely baby girl name of Hawaiian heritage. It means ‘myrtle.’

Midori: A beautiful, popular girl’s name from Japanese lineage. It means ‘green.’

Mya: Mya means green. An alternative spelling is Mia. Another popular version of this name is Amaya.

Myrtle: A cute baby girl’s name of Latin ancestry. This name comes from Myrtus – an evergreen shrub with medicinal properties.

Nana: Nana is a Japanese origin name that means “spring greens.” It’s an alternative to the traditional Anna.

Olive: Olive is a feminine given name of English origin meaning olive tree. The name is associated with peace because of the symbolism of the olive branch. 

Panra: A lovely nature name for girls, meaning ‘leaf, ‘ of Pakistani origin.

Peridot: A unique girl name of Arabic ancestry meaning ‘a green gemstone’.

Phyllida: A unisex name was popularly given to girls. It is of Greek origin and has several meanings, including ‘greenery’ and ‘new beginnings.’

Phyllis:  A unique girl’s name of Greek origin that means ‘greenery.’ Phyllis of Greek mythology died from love and was turned into an olive tree.

Yarkona: Yarkona is a pretty girl’s name hailing from Hebrew. Its meaning is ‘green.’

Verda: a Latin and Spanish girl’s name means ‘green.’

Verna: A lovely girl’s name of Latin origin. It means ‘springtime’ or ‘spring green.’

Whether you’re looking for girl or boy names – with so many positive meanings, baby names that mean green are an excellent choice. Which one is your favorite on our list of names that mean green?

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