10 Best Stocking Stuffers for Boys

stocking stuffers for boys

Picking out kids’ stocking stuffers is one of my favorite things about Christmas! But I must say, boy stocking stuffers can be a bit trickier than girls. With girls, pretty much anything sparkly and colorful will work and stores seem to be full of those things front and center where they’re easy to grab. 

Sometimes you will have to look a little harder for the perfect boy stocking stuffers. Hopefully, this list will help. 

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

Personalized Coloring Books
These personalized coloring books aren’t just personalized on the front. The child’s name continues throughout the book. This will be a surefire winner! Pair them with a pack of crayons and you’re good to go! 

This game is compact, travels easily, and keeps my kids busy for a while! The box says it’s for ages 7 and up, but my 4 and 6-year-olds have a lot of fun with it and figured it out quickly! I think it’s super fun too, so really good for all ages (Kanoodle is a choking hazard for babies).

Wikki Stix
These wikki stix things are a little strange but my kids love them! They are a great, inexpensive form of entertainment. I pack them in my purse when we go to a restaurant or somewhere I want my kids to be quietly entertained while waiting. 

Bag of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy
Yep, I went there. Sorry, but what kid will not think this Bag of Reindeer Farts is HILARIOUS. I like to make my kids laugh on Christmas morning. 

Kids Joke Book
If your kids have an awesome sense of humor, it seems like this kid’s joke book was designed for them – age-appropriate jokes and tongue twisters continually keep their attention. We travel with the book and my kids do a little stand-up act as they read each of the jokes out loud. 

Santa Claus Go Fish
Like regular Go Fish, but themed for Christmas. Do you have a snowman? If you haven’t played Go Fish with your kids yet, you totally should! It’s a game they can win all by themselves and I don’t know about your kids, but mine love to win and get pretty ticked off when they don’t. This Santa Claus Go Fish game is extra special for the holidays. 

Ring Pops and Pop Rocks
I don’t typically put a lot of candy in the kid’s stockings, they get enough treats around Christmas! But ring pops and pop rocks are nostalgic for me and really fun for them. 

Secret Decoder Activity Book
This is a fun little activity book that can keep a kid busy for a few hours. I like that this book is relatively small and can be packed away in a bag easily for trips, without taking up too much space. I all love Melissa & Doug products and this one is among the coolest.

Toothbrush and Underwear
I can’t help it, I’m too practical not to include a toothbrush and underwear every year in my kids stockings. But I make sure they are a fun character toothbrush and cute and colorful underwear

I hope this list of boys stocking stuffer ideas makes your Christmas shopping a little easier!

A Few More Great Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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stocking stuffers for boys