“First Trip Around the Sun” Birthday Party Ideas

first trip around the sun birthday theme ideas

Celebrating your little one’s first year is a big deal, and what better way to mark it than with a ‘First Trip Around the Sun’ birthday party? This first birthday theme is not only adorable, but it also captures the wonder of the universe and the one-year journey you and your baby have completed together.

It’s a chance to celebrate with a splash of creativity, fun, and memories that will be out of this world.

Whether you lean more towards embracing the warm and radiant theme of the sun or set your sights on the wonders of outer space for your baby’s first birthday, you can create a memorable and magical experience for your little explorer.

What’s more fun than a themed first birthday party!?!

First Trip Around The Sun Birthday Ideas

First Trip Around the Sun Party Decorations

Transform your party space into an otherworldly adventure with creative decorations. Hang paper lanterns and twinkle lights to represent stars, use inflatable planets to decorate corners, and create a focal point with a sunburst backdrop for photo ops. Use colors like deep blue, gold, and silver to capture the essence of the cosmos.

  • Create a solar system by hanging planets from the ceiling at varying lengths using a clear fishing line.
  • Use helium-filled balloons in the shape of stars and planets, ensuring they are secured so they don’t float away. A balloon garland is always fun!
  • Set up a large cutout of the sun where the birthday child’s highchair can be placed for photo opportunities.
  • Incorporate LED string lights or fairy lights to give the party area a twinkling star effect.

Sun/Boho Party Kit:

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Outer Space/Solar System Party Kit:

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Space for the Star: High Chair Decor

Your baby’s high chair is mission control, and it deserves special treatment:

  • High Chair Banner in theme colors marks the spot for the star of the show.
  • Surround the area with a mini Balloon Arch to frame the “launch” of the smash cake ceremony.

First Trip Around the Sun Balloon Arches:

p.s. we love a good party hat on a baby. Consider whether your baby will wear one long enough to make it worth the cost. 

Another Party Kit We Love:

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First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Invitations

Share the good news about this celebration and design invitations inspired by the “First Trip Around the Sun” theme. Incorporate elements like stars, planets, rockets, or a sunburst design to set the tone for the celebration. Don’t forget to mention the dress code, whether casual or space-themed attire, to add to the fun.

More invitation ideas:

  • Use cardstock with a glossy finish to mimic the shine of stars for printed invitations.
  • Incorporate images of celestial bodies, such as the sun, planets, stars, and comets.
  • Include all essential details like date, time, location, and RSVP information, along with a playful note such as “Board the spaceship at [time] for a galactic adventure!”

Click on any of the images below to purchase:

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Check out these really cute party decorations I found on an Etsy shop called Design My Party Studio. They have both paper and digital download invites. For a change, go for the digital ones – they’re super simple to use. Just text or email them to your family. We love to support small businesses on Etsy. 

Out-of-this-World Food and Drinks

Craft a celestial menu that will delight both kids and adults. Consider serving finger foods and snacks in the shape of stars, moon, and planets. A rocket-shaped birthday cake is a must! You can also have “space juice” (fruit punch) and “alien lemonade” (green-colored lemonade) for the young astronauts.

The birthday cake for your little guy or gal can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. 

These sunshine print cupcake toppers are adorable, for starters. If you’re into store-bought cupcakes, just stick these in, and you’ll be good to go. 

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More cake ideas:

  • A tiered cake with each layer representing a different aspect of the solar system, topped with a smiling sun.
  • Decorate cupcakes with fondant planets or use star-shaped sprinkles.
  • Offer a variety of star-shaped sweets, such as star-shaped lollipops or chocolates.

Food and Beverage Fun:

  • Create a beverage station with a sign that reads “Rocket Fuel” and serve colorful drinks with fun straws.
  • Prepare finger foods and creatively name them, such as “Asteroid Cheese Balls” or “Galactic Fruit Skewers.” Little details like this make a party extra special!
  • Use star-shaped cookie cutters to make sandwiches and other snacks more theme-appropriate.
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Entertainment and Activities

Keep the little guests engaged with space-themed activities and games. Set up a craft station for kids to create their own paper plate planets or rockets. Organize a treasure hunt with clues leading to “alien” treasures hidden throughout the venue. For more energetic fun, arrange a mini rocket launch (water bottle rockets) or a moonwalk (bounce house).

Baby’s First Time Capsule

Create a special time capsule that commemorates your baby’s first year. Ask guests to bring letters, small mementos, or wishes for the child’s future. Seal the capsule and promise to open it together on their 18th birthday. It’s a sentimental way to cherish memories and show your child how much they’re loved.

Party Favors

Thank your guests for joining this cosmic celebration with themed party favors. Fill goodie bags with treats, stickers, small toys, and perhaps a custom-made space-themed thank-you note.

  • Assemble favor bags with space-themed items like mini glow sticks, space stickers, and temporary tattoos.
  • Personalize items with the child’s name and the party theme, such as water bottles or keychains.
  • Pack the treats in bags decorated with stars and planets, or use clear cellophane tied with a ribbon to resemble a starburst.
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How to Plan a First Birthday Party

Are you ready to make your little one’s first birthday an unforgettable celebration? Planning the perfect party can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it’s your child’s first milestone. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our First Birthday Party Planning Workbook, the ultimate digital guide designed to make the process fun, stress-free, and filled with joy!

first birthday party planning guide

Bonus Ideas for Your First Trip Around the Sun First Birthday Party Theme

Sun Themed Ideas

  1. Sunshine Decorations: Create a warm and sunny atmosphere with decorations that radiate happiness. Hang golden-yellow and orange balloons all around the party area, and use sun-shaped cutouts to brighten up the walls.
  2. “You Are My Sunshine” Soundtrack: Play the classic song “You Are My Sunshine” during the party to add a touch of sentimental sweetness. You can even consider having a sing-along session with the little guests and their parents.
  3. Sunflower Garden: Set up a mini sunflower garden as a lovely backdrop for photos. Sunflowers symbolize happiness and joy, making them a perfect addition to the celebration.
  4. Sunny Dress Code: Encourage guests to embrace the sun birthday party theme and to dress in bright and sunny colors, like yellow, orange, and gold, to match the theme. This will add an extra burst of sunshine to the party!
  5. Sun-themed Cake and Treats: Besides the rocket-themed cake, consider having a sun-shaped cake as the centerpiece. You can also serve sun-shaped cookies and cupcakes to complement the theme.
  6. Sun Hat Decorating Station: Provide straw sun hats and a variety of craft supplies like ribbons, stickers, and fabric markers. Let guests decorate their own sun hats, creating a fun and practical party favor.
  7. Sunrise and Sunset Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with props like sunglasses, sun hats, and sun rays to mimic the sunrise and sunset. This will give the little ones and their parents a chance to capture cherished memories.
  8. Sun-themed Piñata: Surprise the kids with a sun-shaped piñata filled with age-appropriate treats and toys. Let them take turns trying to crack it open and collect the goodies!
  9. Sundial Craft Activity: Teach the kids about how people used sundials to tell time in ancient times. Provide craft materials for the children to create their own mini sundials to take home.
  10. Sun-inspired Food and Drinks: Serve a sunny-themed menu with foods like fruit kabobs with pineapple, orange slices, and banana chunks. For drinks, offer refreshing lemonade or orange-flavored punch.
  11. Sun Ray Cake Topper: Decorate the birthday cake with edible sun rays made of yellow fondant or frosting. It will give the cake a beautiful and radiant touch.
  12. Solar System Sensory Play: Create a sensory play station with materials representing the solar system, like moon sand, star-shaped confetti, and shiny planet balls.

Space-Themed Ideas

  1. Rocket Ship Entrance: Transform the entrance to the party area into a rocket ship with cardboard cutouts, aluminum foil, and tape in bright colors. Let the little guests feel like they’re blasting off into space as they enter the party!
  2. Galactic Photo Booth: No outer space birthday is complete without a photo booth with space-themed props like astronaut helmets, alien masks, and cosmic capes. Provide a starry backdrop for perfect spacey snapshots.
  3. Space Adventure Storytime: Gather the kids for an exciting space adventure storytime. Read books about planets, astronauts, and intergalactic journeys to ignite their imagination.
  4. Astronaut Training Obstacle Course: Create a mini obstacle course with fun challenges to simulate astronaut training. Include activities like “moonwalking” (walking with big, bouncy steps) and “zero gravity” jumping on a trampoline.
  5. Constellation Craft Station: Have a craft table where kids can make their own constellation art using glow-in-the-dark stickers or paint. They can learn about different constellations and create their own cosmic masterpieces.
  6. Planet Pinata: Hang a planet-shaped pinata filled with space-themed treats and goodies. Let the kids take turns trying to break it open and collect the treasures from the universe.
  7. Alien Egg Hunt: Organize an “alien egg” hunt with small green eggs hidden around the party area. Each egg can contain a small toy or treat, and the kids will have a blast searching for extraterrestrial surprises.
  8. Space-Themed Bingo: Create bingo cards with space-related images like rockets, stars, and planets. Play a few rounds of space-themed bingo, and the winners can receive special space explorer certificates.
  9. Edible Meteorites: Make “edible meteorites” by rolling chocolate truffles in crushed cookies or crushed pretzels. They will look like mini meteors, and the kids will love munching on these sweet treats.
  10. Astronaut Ice Cream Bar: Set up an astronaut ice cream station with different flavors of freeze-dried ice cream. It’s a unique and tasty treat that will make the kids feel like real space explorers.
  11. Moon Rock Toss: Have a moon rock toss game where kids try to toss soft “moon rocks” (foam balls) into a target area. It’s a fun and safe activity that will keep them entertained.
  12. Space-Themed Piñata: Choose a piñata shaped like a rocket ship, a planet, or an alien spaceship to add a spacey twist to the traditional game.

Happy birthday to your little one! We hope your birthday boy or baby girl has an awesome time and that you do too!

Note: We also love Party City for special occasions, but there is nothing quite like the high-quality items you can find on the Etsy app. It’s a vibrant community of real people with everything from made-to-order items to vintage treasures. Check delivery dates, though; sometimes, these creative entrepreneurs have longer lead times. 

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