Sleep Sense Review: Everything You Want to Know About Dana Obleman’s Baby Sleep Program

sleep sense review

Are you looking for a gentle sleep solution that doesn’t involve letting your baby cry it out? Read on to learn about Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense program, which could be just what you’re looking for. I hope this Sleep Sense review helps guide your decision about whether or not Dana’s method is right for you and your baby. Let’s dive in and help you get better sleep.

Before becoming a mom, I knew that having babies meant sleepless nights. We all know this going in. But it’s not until our baby is born that we realize how hard a lack of sleep can be for everyone. That’s why I wrote this Sleep Sense review – to share an awesome program I found that helped me and can help you.

As you’re reading I want you to remember: It’s OK to reach out and get help – professional help.

One late night, after pouring over many articles about baby sleep training, I stumbled across Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program.

When I saw that her online course promised a fast, easy and gentle way of sleep training my son, I was very interested in what she had to say. Dana is a child sleep consultant and sleep coach with a great success rate, who seemed to have the experience that I needed to help me get my son to sleep through the night.

This Sleep Sense review will discuss the pros and cons of the program and whether or not Dana’s methods will help you turn your baby into a great sleeper.

What is the Sleep Sense Program?

Sleep Sense is a program designed for babies and children up to 5 years old and will help you start new sleep habits from the first night.

If you are currently nursing, bottle feeding, rocking, or driving around in the car to get your child to sleep, the Sleep Sense program could be for you. If your child will only fall asleep and stay asleep with a pacifier, or you are getting up multiple times in the night, then this program will tell you how to fix these issues quickly and get better quality sleep.  

The Sleep Sense program will teach your child how to put themselves to sleep independently and then stay asleep through the night. The program is customized for each age group. The earlier you start with your baby, the better. But don’t worry if your baby isn’t exactly a baby. The program can help you too.

For newborns (up to 3 months of age), the program focuses more on creating good sleep habits for your baby. You cannot expect your newborn to sleep through the night until around 3 months; their tummies are too tiny and require regular feeding.

This program will not ask you to let your baby cry. Rather tt will help your baby learn to sleep.

Because the steps for getting a baby to sleep through the night differ from that of a toddler, this program will guide you through each age and stage. A child’s needs and abilities are different at every age. Dana understands this and weaves this knowledge into the program. You’ll never be asked to do something that your child isn’t developmentally ready for.

Pros: Sleep Sense Review

Pro #1: Sleep Sense is Not a Traditional Cry-it-out Method

I wasn’t ready to follow a traditional cry-it-out method. So I was happy to discover that the Sleep Sense Program methods allowed me to respond to my baby while he was learning to sleep independently and working on sleeping through the night.

Pro #2: Sleep Sense provides age and personality-specific sleep training methods.

It makes sense that how you respond to a young 3-month-old would be very different from a strong-willed 2-year-old. Dana Obleman’s program allows for age and individual differences regarding baby sleep and falling asleep.

Also, sometimes you might think one method might work for your child, but it doesn’t. So it’s helpful to have various options in this program.

Pro #3: Sleep Sense is very comprehensive for developing Healthy sleep habits.

Dana describes her Sleep Sense program as the only resource you will ever need to help your child sleep through the night.

From the principles behind her methods to more complex issues like what to do if you’re traveling, it’s all covered in a straightforward program. 

Pro #4: The Sleep Sense method material is easy to understand when you’re sleep-deprived.

It’s very practical and gives you an actionable step-by-step guide on what to do to get your baby sleeping through the night.

Pro #5: You get personalized help with sleep issues and access to Dana Obleman.

You get the option of personalized help direct from Dana if you’re having complicated issues with your baby’s sleep.

Pro #6: Different Pricing Tiers to Fit Your Family Budget

And as you have a 12-month 100% money-back guarantee, it is risk-free. So if it doesn’t get your family a full night’s sleep and you are still sleep-deprived, you can get a refund.

sleep sense review pricing options

Cons: Sleep Sense Program Review

Con #1: You’re probably thinking that a lot of information about a child’s sleep can be found in other places on the internet for free.

Yes, this would be true of any sleep training program and is also true of the Sleep Sense method. However, by investing in a comprehensive “get a good night’s sleep” program like this, you can access everything you need in one convenient package. You’ll know you can trust the information because it’s been developed by sleep consultants.  

There is so much conflicting advice on the internet. It can be challenging to weed out what is helpful and what isn’t from all the different methods. If you’re not guided by a professional in your research, you could be implementing methods that may not be helpful.

Con #2: There is a lot of content in Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense program.

Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman is so comprehensive that some even feel it’s overwhelming. The program is well organized, so you can skip to relevant sections to get your child’s sleep on track and get your family a good night’s sleep. For example, there is a section on sleep training twins, which may not be applicable to you. It is that you get a lot of value for what you pay. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman

Is Sleep Sense “Cry it Out”?

Of course, your baby will cry, and Dana discusses this in the program. This crying from your baby is their way of protesting your changes. If you have been rocking or feeding your baby to fall asleep every night, you can understand why they may cry when you change this. The program aims to develop good sleep habits to help your child sleep through the night.

Dana’s response to this question:

“Please understand that I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries. The Sleep Sense Program is so effective because it allows you to develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.”

When you prepare your child for bedtime, they will be relaxed when you put them in their crib. You can stay near your child for the first few days and gradually move further away. Or, you can leave your child alone in their crib awake and then check in at certain intervals until your baby falls asleep.

What About Nap Time?

The course focuses on getting your child to sleep through the night, with the assumption that a good night’s sleep will result in an easier time to put your child down for nap time sleeping as well.

Naps are essential to your little one’s sleep schedule; skipping them or moving them around will harm the baby’s nighttime sleep. Good sleeping habits for daytime naps are just as important as bedtime routines.

Does the Sleep Sense Program Work?

The program focuses on teaching your child how to fall asleep independently (without using any sleep props) and then sleep through the night. 

The program works, but you have to follow it, and, most importantly, you have to be consistent. 

Dana outlines the importance of consistency:

  • Sleep schedule – This means putting your baby or young child down to sleep for both nap and bedtime at the same time each day where practical.
  • Bedtime routine – A bedtime routine of around 30 minutes each evening before bed helps your child transition from day to night and get ready to fall asleep.

The program discusses these in detail, with recommended routines depending on your child’s age.

Both you and your partner need to agree in advance to establish a new bedtime routine and stick to it to avoid confusing your child. Consistency will get your baby sleeping through the night. It’s a step-by-step system that will only work when you follow the steps.

Can you sleep train a toddler?

When you sleep train a toddler, you teach new habits and establish a predictable, consistent routine. Sleep Sense does work with older children, as well. So if you thought you missed a “sleep training window,” you didn’t. However, it’s best to start any sleep training methods with babies. 

What’s included in the Sleep Sense Online Course?

  • The Sleep Sense™ Program Downloadable eBook. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to help your baby fall asleep.) (Dana’s no-nonsense baby and toddler sleep system. 140 pages.
  • The 14-Day Sleep Coach Video Training System. (Two weeks of daily “how-to” videos that show you exactly what to do every day and night. Customized for your child’s age group.)
  • The Sleep Sense™ Program Telephone Hotline. Weekly conference calls JUST for Dana’s customers. It’s a little like a radio talk show. Call in directly with your questions, or listen in!
  • Baby Sleep Bootcamp Video Recordings. Grab a coffee, sit back, and watch as Dana takes you through the entire Sleep Sense™ Program on video. Separate recordings for newborns, babies, and toddlers.
  • Two Personalized Email Support Sessions. You’ll get personal access to Dana’s team of Certified Sleep Sense Consultants, where you can send questions specific to your child.

When you purchase through this Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense method program link – you ALSO get 2 more bonuses – at absolutely NO additional charge.

Is Sleep Sense worth the cost?

I say yes. The Sleep Sense sleep training program is worth the cost because there is so much content in the program that you get a lot of value for what you pay. And you can start seeing improvements in your child’s sleep within a few days without leaving them to fully cry it out.

Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman takes you through the whole sleep training process in a very detailed manner. You feel you’re being handheld the entire way so that the vast majority of questions you will have are answered.

Who is Dana Obleman?

Dana Obleman is best-known as the author of The Sleep Sense Program — a simple, step-by-step system that over 32,000 parents have used to teach their children how to sleep through the night. Dana was born and raised in Canada, and currently lives in Florida with her husband and 3 children.

Are Sleep Coaches Worth It?

As I mentioned in my review, one alternative to the Sleep Sense Program is to hire a Sleep Consultant to help with sleep training.

A baby sleep coach/consultant is a general term for someone who provides advice, education, and support to help improve a child’s sleep.

These consultants offer a variety of services, including phone and in-home support. These services are pretty costly. Phone consultations generally cost between $150-$200 per hour. In-home consultations (typically 90 minutes) between $400-$800, and overnight consultations between $800 – $2000 per night.

So what is so important about sleep anyway?

Sleep plays a vital role in health and well-being. Even more so in children as they develop. Giving your children the rest they need is the most significant gift you can give them.

It is equally as important as providing them with a healthy diet or a loving home. It is no secret that a well-rested child is happier and healthier.

Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense is an easy-to-follow, straightforward step-by-step sleep training program. The program teaches everything you need to know and what to do when things do not go according to plan. Plenty of information explains why each step is essential to get your child sleeping, so you are not left wondering ‘what next?’. I hope this Sleep Sense review was helpful!

Curious to learn more about Dana Obleman’s The Sleep Sense Program? No need for other Sleep Sense reviews. Go straight to the source: Click here.

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