Things New Moms Need for Themselves

things new moms need for themselves

Whether you’re here looking for something for yourself or a gift for a new mom that isn’t for the baby, you’ve come to the right place to find things new moms need for themselves. 

What a new mother needs most is love, support, and time to shower….but you came here looking for THINGS, so a list of amazing things a new mother needs for herself is exactly what you’re going to get. 

When people come to a baby shower or to visit a new mom, they often only bring gifts for the baby, like diapers or cute outfits. That’s easy! But what can you get that’s just for mom?

mother with her newborn baby

So, what do new moms want for themselves? Whether you need ideas for new mom gifts after birth, adoption, or Mother’s Day gifts for a new mom, you can’t go wrong with these thoughtful gifts.

What Do Moms Need After Having a Baby?

When a mom has her first baby or a new baby with older siblings, what she needs will vary. But this list is things that will work for all new moms. 

The best gift for a new mother is one she will use and love. It will make her life easier and not harder. It won’t collect dust but will help her collect her sanity and maybe even some good memories during this special and once-in-a-lifetime phase. 

One mom’s favorite could be another mom’s useless. When you find something that you think will work, go for it!

Things New Moms Need AFTER Birth

After giving birth, new moms are tasked with caring for a new baby while ALSO recovering from this significant event her body just went through. She’s worried about taking care of this new life, her milk supply, and whether she’ll ever sleep again. Make her life easier with some essential items for those early days.


Good snacks. You can never go wrong with bringing snacks. Bonus points are awarded for snacks that the new mom won’t have to heat up and that she can eat one-handed while holding her newborn.

There are so many choices – cookies, muffins, brownies, cut up fresh fruit or veggies, dip or hummus. 

health snacks for new parents
Healthy snacks are a great choice for new parents!

Cookies Are Great. Cookies with a purpose are even better!

Whip up a batch of lactation cookies as a great gift for the new mom. Drop them off and she’ll have a great snack that might help with milk supply Lactation cookies are basically cookies made with ingredients that support a nursing mother’s milk production, like oatmeal and almond butter. 

If you’re not much of a baker, try a ready-made lactation cookie mix like this. Make the first batch to give to the new mom and get an extra bag of the mix so she can make herself when she’s ready for more. 

More great snacks to gift new moms:

  • Trail mix
  • Muffins
  • Granola bars
  • Veggie tray with dip
  • Fruit tray with dip
  • Chips and guacamole
  • Pre-popped popcorn and/or kettle corn
  • Cheese and crackers

Caffeine or Her Favorite Drink

New parents are tired! Get whatever you know mom likes and you could even bring some for the new dad! If you know the new mom’s favorite Starbucks order, grab it and drop it off. 

Doctors recommend that women have less than 200 mg of caffeine daily while pregnant or breastfeeding. That much caffeine is equivalent to 2 cups of coffee or 3-4 twelve-ounce soda cans.  

If you think mom is trying to stay away from caffeine, herbal tea is an excellent alternative!

Meals as a Gift for New Parents

If you’re not a cook, give gift cards to local restaurants that deliver. 

If you do cook, make your best dinner or soup. You can deliver it fresh or freeze and give it to the mom to use on a night when the family is too tired or busy to make dinner. Soup is excellent because leftovers are awesome for lunch the next day. 

Here are a few things to consider when bringing a meal as a gift for new parents:

  • Rethink the lasagna. It’s a popular dish to bring new parents; you want them to end up with only a few lasagnas in their freezer. 
  • Include reheating instructions.
  • Meals that new moms can eat one-handed are best. She will probably be holding a baby while she eats. For this reason, a steak dinner isn’t the greatest. 
  • Please don’t make her return the dish! It might not get cleaned for a few days! A disposable baking dish is even better. I’ve also heard of people buying baking dishes at thrift stores because they’re inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about them being returned to you.  
  • Ask mom if she has any food allergies or is craving anything special! Does she have picky eaters in her home? You’ll want to try to please everyone, so mom doesn’t end up making a second meal for someone in the family. 
  • Organize a meal calendar! You can team up with the mom’s other loved ones and take turns dropping off meals.

A family with a new baby will eat many meals at home, and many dishes require washing. If you’re bringing a meal, show up with paper plates and disposable cups. We love this eco-friendly all-in-one plate and utensil set.

Comfy, Stylish Clothing

Comfort is key after having a new baby. And while a new mom probably isn’t going many places, it’s still nice to be cute and comfy at the same time. No need to feel frumpy during this time. 

A List of Good Shows to Binge-watch!

Because she’ll be spending so much of her day sitting down and holding a baby, any new mom will appreciate a membership to any movie streaming service and a list of your favorite shows. 

A Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime subscription allows her to watch as many shows as she wants. 

new mom and baby sitting in chair

Good Books

Pick up a book or two that the new mom will like and drop them off when you visit. It’s nice to have something to read while tethered to a breast pump or while nursing in the middle of the afternoon.

An Audible membership is an AWESOME option. Consider giving her an Audible membership so she can listen hands-free to anything she likes. 

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Pampering Spa Treatment for Home

Help the new mom feel pampered by putting together a few bath and body products in a gift box or basket. Include shampoo, body wash, moisturizer, facial masks, or body lotion. Dry shampoo is awesome for days when a shower will not happen.  

You may want to choose unscented or natural body products. Strongly scented products might irritate the baby’s skin.

Find out from her partner what her favorite products are. She’ll appreciate this even more since its unlikely she has the time to go out and stock up herself.  

A Roomba

Now this one is more extravagant, but I have a fancy robot vacuum, and it’s one of the loves of my life! I set it up to run every day, and then I don’t have to think about sweeping or vacuuming. I am always amazed at how much dirt and dust it picks up. 

In our house, it’s a must-have. It would be a great gift to help a new mom feel like she’s keeping up with the house. Stepping on crumbs always makes me feel like a hot mess. 

The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Free Shipping

An Amazon Prime membership is one of my favorite new mom gifts to give. Whenever mom runs out of something essential, be it diapers, nursing pads, or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, she can order it right to her door without putting the baby in the car. 

With Amazon Prime, she can order whatever she needs and have it shipped quickly right to her front door with free two-day shipping. As an added benefit, a gift of Amazon Prime will also give her access to so many TV shows and movies, which is excellent for passing the time while holding a baby for several hours a day.

Gifts for the New Mom Who is Breastfeeding

A Great Nursing Bra

A new mom might be hesitant to invest in a nice nursing bra. This is a big mistake! A good quality nursing bra is a breastfeeding essential.

Nipple Cream

She may not realize what an essential item this really is! A good quality nipple cream safe for the baby is a lifesaver. (Grab two – one for home and one for the diaper bag)

Bonus points for including some nursing pads and asking if she knows how to use them. If she says yes, leave it alone. If she says no, go ahead and show her.

Nursing Pillow – (Even If Mom is Not Nursing)

A breastfeeding pillow gives a baby a cushion for her head while eating or being held. It gives mom a resting spot for her arms and a safe place to cuddle baby up next to her when relaxing. 

A good, firm nursing pillow is a godsend for arms that are tired from holding an infant all the time.

baby on nursing pillow

Recommended nursing pillows:

My husband used a nursing pillow all the time when our babies were tiny. He especially liked it while holding a newborn when he was feeling tired. Having a way to keep his elbows and forearms supported just made him feel more secure.

Things New Moms DON’T Need

Essential Oils

Unless you’ve been into essential oils for a while and they’re important to you, this definitely goes on the “don’t need” list. There are better times to experiment with new things! You have enough going on with your new little one.


I know this isn’t a thing, but I want to mention it. If the new mom didn’t ask for your advice, don’t give it. She doesn’t need to know all your latest tips about a breast pump.

Instead, offer to bring a meal, call a meal service, and spend time with them only if they want you to. The postpartum period is challenging. Follow the new mom’s lead.

Things New Moms Need for Themselves DURING PREGNANCY

A care package for someone newly pregnant will be much appreciated if it includes the following:

  • Ginger ale
  • Nausea bands
  • Face wipes
  • Mints
  • Candle
  • Chapstick
  • Tums
  • Belly lotion

Other gift ideas for a pregnant first-time mom:

  • Maternity Clothes: Even gently used will be appreciated. Especially a winter coat or other expensive gear that she’ll probably only use for one season. 
  • Giant Water Bottle: It’s essential to stay hydrated, and a big water bottle that only needs to be filled once a day makes it more accessible. 
  • Pregnancy Journal
  • Online Childbirth Class
  • Emily Oster’s fantastic book full of real-life and practical advice – Expecting Better

Things New Moms Need for Themselves BEFORE Birth

Before the new mom has her baby, it would be nice to have a postpartum recovery kit ready. Put some or all of the following in a basket to help her through the postpartum period of this new experience.

A Postpartum Recovery Kit

  • Ice Packs and Witch Hazel Pads
  • Stool Softeners
  • Postpartum Pads
  • Perineal ice packs
  • Nipple cream

What to get New Moms for Themselves

While there are plenty of things not included on this list that new parents could use to make life easier (baby carrier, car seat, onesies). I hope this gives you a start to figuring out what the new mom in your life wants, what you need if you are the new mom, or what you might buy your mom friends for the perfect present.

Some “Rules” About Giving a Gift to a New Mother

Life with a newborn is rough. They eat, poop, and sleep. Moms feed them, change them and then try to get a million things done while they nap. Repeat this cycle all day, every day. 

Keep this and the following in mind when you’re picking out and delivering a gift after the baby arrives. 

  • Don’t bring gifts to the hospital. Bring them to the family’s home once they are settled in.
  • If you insist on bringing something to the hospital, bring her favorite coffee drink or snacks. Trail mix is nourishing and so much better than hospital snacks.
  • Most new moms don’t want visitors right away. She might need some extra sleep or thinks her house is too messy. Consider dropping off your gift or having it delivered to her home.
  • If she is okay with having visitors, only stay for an hour or less. Watch for cues that she may want you to leave even sooner than that. If she starts to get the breast pump out, it’s time to go home.
  • Do not expect the new parent to feed you. Eat before you visit. Or, even better, bring food to share. Especially bring nourishment to a nursing mom. She will be hungry. Promise.
  • Need a glass of water? Help yourself. Let her sit down.
  • Wash your hands to keep the baby safe from germs.
  • Don’t kiss her newborn baby. Just don’t.
  • Leave your own children at home. They are germ factories.
  • Help out with little things. Bring her a glass of water, take out the trash when you leave, or clear up the dishes from your meal. 
  • Don’t bring plants or flowers. She already has a newborn baby to keep alive. The plant or flowers will probably die, which won’t make anybody feel very confident about their ability to keep new things alive. Moms need confidence.

I hope these are awesome ideas to help your friend, family member, or yourself on this motherhood journey.