Hands Down the Best Baby Sleep Sack to Keep Baby Comfy in All Seasons

best baby sleep sack

Does your baby need a sleep sack? Yes. With all the options available, which one should you choose? Read on to find my favorite (and I’ve tried many).

Sleep sacks, sleep bags, and wearable blankets. They all generally mean the same thing – a sleeveless zip-up bag that your baby or toddler can wear as an alternative to a blanket for sleep. 

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Why use a sleep sack?

Sleep sacks are essentially wearable blankets. They provide an extra layer of warmth since blankets and loose items are not advised for babies.

Also, sleep sacks can be a great signal during your baby’s bedtime routine. My babies understood that when the sleep sack goes on, they will be going to sleep soon. We changed their diaper, put on the sleep sack, read a few books, gave a bottle or sippy cup, and then they knows it’s time for sleep.

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So What is the Best Sleep Sack for Babies?

Hands down, without question it’s the Woolino 4 Ultimate Baby Sleeping Back Sack.

4 Reasons I Love the Woolino Sleep Sack

  1. Temperature control. This was why I searched for a new sleep sack in the first place. We live in a four-season climate, and I was overwhelmed by all the options for sleep sacks! I found lightweight ones for summer, fleece ones for winter, some that worked for a small age range, and others that worked for more. The Woolino can be used year-round. This is because wool is the best fabric for temperature control. It even comes with a handy chart and nursery thermometer for knowing what baby should wear under the sleep sack which is an awesome quick reference.
  2. Grows with your baby. It’s meant to last from 2-24 months of age, but we used it even a bit longer than that. You can adjust under their arms, and it really is quite long. My daughter was exceptionally tall for her age as a baby, and it lasted a long time for her.
  3. It’s machine washable. We’re busy enough as moms, so we need low-maintenance babywear. The Woolino is machine washable but is also naturally antibacterial and odor resistant, so it doesn’t need to be laundered super frequently.
  4. Easy diaper access! No mom wants to fumble with zippers in the middle of the night. With dual zippers, you can easily unzip the Woolino from the bottom for late-night diaper changes. Many sleep sacks don’t have this feature.

Woolino Is a Quality Sleep Bag That Will Last a LONG Time

Yes, the Woolino is a bit pricey but we used our Woolino Four Seasons Sleep Sack every single night for TWO kids and it held up amazingly well! It was the only sleep sack we needed. Even through machine washing.

When we were done with it, I passed it to a friend who still uses it for her baby. It allows for peace of mind knowing your baby has on an extra layer that isn’t a loose blanket – I was much too paranoid about leaving my babies with a loose blanket until I was sure they could handle it.

If you live in a four-season climate and don’t choose the Woolino, you’ll probably buy a lighter sleep sack for summer, a heavier one for winter, and maybe even a mid-weight one for seasons in between.

Can an Expensive Sleep Sack Save You Money?

Babies grow fast, so in 2 years, you will likely buy between 4-6 sleep sacks. If each one averages around $30, you surpass the cost of the Woolino and still never end up with a sleep sack with the same high quality and natural materials.

Yes, it’s on the expensive side. But it’s also soft, cozy, and safe for babies. The quality really is top-notch. In my opinion, it really is worth every penny.

I’m (obviously!) a big fan of the Woolino and I hope you and your baby will love it too!

FAQs: Baby Sleep Sacks

When Is My Baby Ready for a Sleep Sack?

Once your baby has graduated from sleeping wrapped burrito-style in a swaddle, you can then keep her cozy in a sleep sack, a wearable blanket that fits like a mini sleeping bag on your baby’s body. 

Do Babies Sleep Better With Sleep Sacks?

Many sleep experts agree that not only do babies sleep better with sleep sacks they also help keep babies safe. According to Cara at Taking Cara Babies, loose bedding in your baby’s crib or bassinet simply isn’t safe. 

Cara also says, “Your little one will learn to crawl, pull up, walk, and even climb. When she is in her crib, we don’t want her practicing those skills. We want her sleeping! Sleep sacks make this mobility more challenging and keep the focus on sleep.”

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